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How to Subscribe to Carlene’s New Site & What You Missed

September 21, 2012
I’ve been quite excited about the new website and the launch of my private practice as a dietitian in the wedding world. So excited in fact…that it took a little bit of time to realize that the blogs I published since the launch weren’t showing up in your Readers or inboxes. Technology. God bless it.
Here’s what you’ve missed on the blog:

Some FYI’s about the new site:
The old site, Carlene’s Figments on WordPress automatically redirects to the new site. So even if you type in that gently used URL, you’ll find yourself on the new site. It’s also worth noting that if you see me in your reader, I come up as ‘Carlene Thomas RD- Carlene’s figments blog’. While this was the doing of the technology powers that be, I also had to work really hard for those credentials, so I’m not too upset to see them front and center.

If you would like to continue following my antics as I try on banana costumes in Target and generally let you in on the latest and greatest food products, please help yourself to the below directions.
How to subscribe to the new Carlene’s Figments/Carlene Thomas RD blog.
  • For Google Reader. Go to your Reader – add subscription – insert OR Go to
    • Hit the RSS button in the top right hand corner
    • Copy the url
    • Add it to your subscriber list in your reader
  • For Email Subscribers. We are working with the WordPress wizards to fix this. If you receive double, many apologies. If it hasn’t been fixed:
  • For WordPress users. 


 Pardon the interruption. Hope to see you on the new site and please let me know if the technology issues continue!

What’s in My Dietitian Business Bag?

September 17, 2012

You can tell a lot about someone by what they carry in their purse/car/ ‘satchel’. It’s a rather fascinating anthropological study and in fact, Moleskine developed an entire Facebook album around it. For me, my bag is my office and I can work literally anywhere as long as I bring it along. Organization in the form of bags inside of bags, sticky notes, and notebooks are crucial while a whimsical touch keeps me away from becoming ‘grouchy serious dietitian pants’. The only thing you won’t find in this photo is a snack, which at this point, was TBD and packed.

 First, let’s cover the bag. A bag that stands up on its own with sturdy handles is the best base for an office carry all. My strawberry red Kate Spade bag has been one of the best purchases to date. With several interior pockets, it keeps things filed away beautifully. She comes with me everywhere.
 To keep track of reminders, appointments and ideas these are my necessities. A Moleskinne (pink notebook) is tiny and can fit anywhere. I keep my list of 101 goals to accomplish, book ideas, blog ideas in this particular book. The micron is the best pen available and with a tiny line-weight I can write anywhere! Sticky notes in bright colors litter my Levenger agenda (top left).  Notice how it has my first and middle name? The husband gave it to me while we were dating with the hopes that I could use it, you know, after my last name changed. Good thing that plan worked out. 
Because so much of my work is technology based, the Mac, iPad and phone are a must. Once you go Mac you never go back.  If I’m out for longer periods of time I have to have the touch up bag. This small leather purse is one my Dad brought back from Paris and I love it. I keep a pedometer, tic-tacs (sugar alcohol free), and of course Eos chapstick.

 For my wallet needs I have been using this glitter and pink clutch which is from Victoria’s Secret. And I got it for free from them as part of a promotion, but I love it. It holds my business cards and keys which of course have pewter Virginia pride and a custom monogram tag. 
 What’s in your bag? Post your photos!

Friday Favorites: Cute Workout Gear

September 14, 2012

I’m not going to lie here and say I workout religiously in adorable co-ordinated workout gear. It’s kind of more like Dallas Zoo t-shirt with penguins while my cat tries to eat the socks on my feet mid -pilaties. Regardless, there are some seriously cute workout clothes that I welcome into my wardrobe. This week’s Friday Favorites is the girly gear I love. 

Monogrammed Yoga Mat/ Plum Racer Back Bra/ LuLu Lemon Pink Running Skirt/ Gingham Yoga Pants and Top 

Where are you going for your gym clothes?

NEW Blog and Website for Carlene RD: Wedding Wellness & More!

September 13, 2012

So much of what I believe in for business in social media and nutrition is based in branding, technology presence, and personality continuity in every facet. Since this blog launched  nearly a year and a half ago, it’s been through about two transitions of appearance which were cute…but not quite right. But now we’ve got it, and just like the business cards I feel like if my website walked into a room people would know it was ‘me’.

Blog Redesign Reveal: The blog now has the fig leaf divider, some text differences, and contact buttons at the top, all with a clean sweet pink. One thing I must mention, is that WordPress is having a little bit of a hic-cup and the full blog photo migration for back issues will happen next week if you’re reading previous posts. Check it out in full mode!

But it’s not just the blog that’s changed. A TOTALLY NEW website is up and running where brides can get in touch with me from ANYWHERE in the US for nutrition and wedding wellness coaching. There’s also virtual weight management coaching where we can work together through phone, Skype, email…whatever works for you. 

I’m so happy with the website creation and blog redesign and credit needs to be given. The design was created by the husband, Chris, while all of the insane coding work was  done by a great friend/pro-cyclist/web designer (seriously) Curtis Winsor. You can email him at and discuss what wizardry he can produce for you too.

If you’re looking for a blog/site update, you’ve gotta connect with my team. I’m willing to share. Maybe.

Weekly Lovely Links

September 13, 2012



Healthy Tailgate: Cider Vinegar Coleslaw

September 12, 2012

TGIF: thank goodness it’s football season. Between the long awaited start of RGIII (his team)  and Packers season the (my team), I’m excited. But football watching food and tailgate food aren’t exactly the healthiest. I’m not taking away your nachos here, but there  are ways to add healthy dishes to the spread.  This simple cider vinegar coleslaw is a crowd pleaser, whatever team you cheer on.

Many coleslaws are mayo saturated. Coleslaw usually equates to that bland pile on your plate, ceremoniously sprinkled with one or two pieces of carrot for color. Not this coleslaw. It’s tangy without being biting. It’s creamy without the mayo. And it will have you buying cabbage intentionally.

Cider Vinegar Coleslaw


  • 1 head of green cabbage
  • 1:1 ratio cider vinegar, canola oil and sugar to taste
  • 1 carrot or 1 red pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon dry ground mustard

Directions: Quarter the cabbage and place in cuisinart to chop. Pulse until cabbage is mostly small pieces, but not liquid. Grate
the carrot, or chop the red pepper and add to a bowl with the cabbage. In a separate container whisk cider vinegar, canola oil, mustard and sugar to taste for a dressing.

For more healthy tailgate and football food from like minded foodies, check out this collection:

Washington Nationals Game: How You Can Eat Healthy at the Stadium

September 11, 2012

I’ve never been a big baseball fan.  It’s hard to fit that kind of thing into a sports life of Green Bay Packer dedication that has been handed down for generations. Example scenario: Brett Favre retires (the first time). Family sincerely mourns. But over the past few years, DC has started to become a bit of a baseball town…a rather good one. Armed with the husband as my guide, we booked our first Nationals game decked out in red, white and blue.

For those waffling over heading to Navy Yard to see the game, do it. It’s an easy metro commute leading to a clean LEED certified stadium with views of the Capitol and Washington monument. Aim to arrive at the stadium half an hour early for plenty of time to check out the park and grab a snack.While stadium snacks are crazy expensive, it’s the norm at many MLB games. Expect to pay $9.00 for a beer and $5.00 for a curly W pretzel (see instagram for details) . You can however, bring your own sealed bottle in which I highly recommend in DC summer.

What I did notice was the lack of healthy options in the stadium. There’s the usual baseball food: beer, soda, pretzels, fries… but picking healthy stadium food just takes research. Here are my top picks for smart snack tips at the Nationals game:

  • Split anything you purchase with a friend to get a correct portion.
  • Eat something pre-game in the car. Think apples, carrots, cheese, dried fruit.
  • Pick up peanuts to keep your hands busy cracking shells.
  • Field of Greens is your best choice. It has hummus, veggie wraps, etc…
  • DuPont Deli has sandwiches. Ask for something with extra vegetables and whole wheat bread.
  • Jamming Island BBQ: corn on the cob.
  • Red Porch: Unfortunately it’s a sit down restaurant which is a ‘why bother?’ when you’re there to see the game. However, they do have salads.

Worst Option Hall of Fame: The Strausburger, weighing in at eight pounds of burger.

And who can say no to the ‘presidents race’ where I am almost certain, they use their interns to run the bases in giant suits of Teddy Roosevelt, Abe Lincoln and the like. They run a dirty race and I never thought I would see the day where George Washington would trip a fellow statesman.

We are definitely planning on heading back soon. Natitude included.

Battle of the Breakfasts: Washington Well + Being Interview

September 7, 2012

Confession: I used to despise breakfast. I hated the idea of rushing out the door to school and forcing myself to hork something down in five minutes. But breakfast grew on me and it has since become a crucial part of my day. I can not function as a normal and polite human being without breakfast.

I recently spoke with Washingtonian’s Well + Being blog about which breakfast options are best. In a face off, would bagels beat pancakes? Is a smoothie better for you than a bowl of fruit for breakfast? How can you make the ‘bad breakfast’ option better for you?

You can read all about which breakfasts dominate and which aren’t worth your time. Here are the important basics to think about for breakfast:

  • I encourage breakfast…whatever it is! Any breakfast is better than skipping.
  • Breakfast should be balanced with fruit, a whole grain, protein, and healthy fat. If you’re willing to try veggies, you’re a super star in my book!
  • Diet cereals aren’t enough to keep you running until lunch. Don’t let your body crash!
  • Think serving size. Many bagels are nearly three servings instead of one.
  • Check out the fiber content of foods. Instant oatmeal is a loser compared to steel cut oats.

What breakfast duds have you seen? Which breakfasts are your go to?

Friday Favorites:Fall Food Inspires Fall Fashion

September 7, 2012

Fall is my favorite season for weather (brisk with no Virginia humidity), events (football, tailgates, pumpkins, wedding anniversary), clothing (sweaters and boots)…and food. Fall produce is totally under-hyped and in my mind it deserves some recognition for great nutrition and versitility. Let’s begin by appreciating fall produce colors as they inspire my ideal fall wardrobe…shall we?

To me, so much of food and style is connected. You can actually learn a lot from your wardobe season by season as I wrote in a previous post.   Here’s how I see fall produce:

What fall foods are you seeing in clothing and accessories this fall?

Weekly Lovely Links

September 6, 2012